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Отправлено 12 Август 2014 - 04:30

1. Demircan, N. & A. Topçu (2014) A new species of the genus Chaetopelma Ausserer, 1871 (Araneae: Theraphosidae) from Turkey. Zoology in the Middle East 07/2014; 60(3) ----- A new species of Chaetopelma Ausserer, 1871 is described from Hatay province, Turkey. Differences between the new species and related species are discussed. The characteristic features of this species are described and illustrated. 2. Guadanucci, J. P. L. & I. Wendt. Revision of the spider genus Ischnocolus Ausserer, 1871 (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae: Ischnocolinae). J. nat. Hist. 48: 387-402 ---- The genus Ischnocolus is redefined based on type material, and extra specimens. Representatives of the genus are distinguished by clavate tarsal trichobothria arranged in median apical row; by the maxillae with lighter colour on prolateral edge. Males of the genus Ischnocolus Ausserer are recognized by the cheliceral intumescence, sigmoid ventral furrow on palpal tibia, unequal cymbium lobes, tibial apophysis absent, great number of spines on ventral side of tibia I, and male superior tarsal claws bipectinate. Species included are: Ischnocolus valentinus (Dufour) [= I. holosericeus L. Koch, I. triangulifer Ausserer, I. algericus Thorell, I. fuscostriatus Simon, I. maroccanus (Simon), I. mogadorensis (Simon), I. numidus Simon, I. tripolitanus Caporiacco, Avicularia andalusiaca Simon], Ischnocolus hancocki Smith, Ischnocolus jickelii L. Koch (senior-synonym of Chaetopelma adenense Simon) and Ischnocolus ignoratus sp. nov. Ischnocolus tomentosus Thorell is considered incertae sedis. The following species are considered species inquirenda: I. tunetanus Pavesi and I. fasciculatus Strand. 3. Mirza, Z.A. & R.V. Sanap (2014) DESCRIPTION OF A NEW SPECIES OF ARBOREAL TARANTULA OF THE GENUS POECILOTHERIA SIMON, 1885 (ARANEAE: THERAPHOSIDAE) FROM SATPURA HILLS, CENTRAL INDIA. Journal of the British Tarantula Society 01/2014; 29(2):60-65. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1139.5206 ---- A new species of arboreal tarantula of the genus Poecilotheria is described from Central India, The new species Poecilotheria chaojii sp. nov. is most similar to P. tigrinawesseli and P. formosa. However, it can be distinguished from P. formosa by possessing a band on the venter of leg IV (absent in P. formosa) and from P. tigrinawesseli in bearing bright white and black alternating bands on venter of leg IV (cryptic coloured and black alternating bands in P. tigrinawesseli), basal 1 /4 of metatarsi covered with white hair (basal 1 /3 of metatarsi covered with a black band in P. tigrinawesseli), three thorn-like tubercles on the prolateral face of the maxilla (two thorn-like tubercles in P. tigrinawesseli). 4. Sanap R.V., Mirza Z.A. (2014) A new iridescent tarantula of the genus Thrigmopoeus Pocock, 1899 from Western Ghats, India. Comptes Rendus Biologies, Volume 337, Issues 7–8, Pages 423-498 (July–August 2014) -------- A distinctive new species of ground burrowing tarantula from Western Ghats endemic genus Thrigmopoeus is described from Kerala State, India. Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus sp. nov. differs from putative species of the genus in the adults being black overall with a metallic blue lustre on the carapace and abdomen. Females of Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus sp. nov. exhibit polychromatism. Juveniles and sub-adults are paler with vibrant maroon colouration on its abdomen whereas adult females are much darker and lack vibrant colouration as sub-adults. Часть работ есть на Резёчгейте в полных версиях. Наслаждайтесь :)

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