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1. The All World Societies
2. Other theraphosid related links




  The International Society of Arachnology (ISA)


 British Tarantula Society (BTS). Issues “British Tarantula Society Journal”


 Australian Tarantula Association (ATA)


 Malaysian Tarantula Society (MTS)


 The South and West Tarantula Society (S&WTS)


 The American Tarantula Society (ATS)


 The American Arachnological Society (AAS)


 Vogelspinnen Vereniging Nederland (VVN) - The Dutch Tarantula Society 


 British Arachnological Society (BAS)


 Deutsche Arachnologische Gesellschaft e.V. (DeArGe)


 Exotiske Insekter (Danish society for keeping and breeding invertebrates)


 The Japan Tarantula Society (JTS)


 Arachnological Society of Japan (ASJ)


 Aracnideos da Internet Brasileira (ABrA)


 Aracnofilia - Associazione Italiana di Aracnologia


 Australasian Arachnological Society (AAS)


 Groupe D'etude Des Arachnides (G.E.A. Group)


 Sociedad Espanola de Criadores de Artropodos (SECA)


 Arachnida Schweiz


 Greek Tarantula Society (GTS)


 Philippines Tarantula and Scorpion Society  (PTSS)


 The Spider Club of Southern Africa (SCSA)


 Korean Tarantula Society (K.T.S.)


 The South Arican Tarantula Society


 African Arachnological Society (AFRAS)


 Turkish Tarantula Society


 Romanian Tarantula Comunity


 Cebu Arachnida Society (CAS)



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  Author`s "half-dead" Yahoo group (Yahoo registration is a must)


 Site of my good fellow and experienced arachnologist Garrick Odell


  One of the best and professional site dedicated to african tarantulas (baboon spiders) in the WWW by Timo Raab and Ingo Wendt


Great, professional and very nice site of Phil and Tracy Messenger. One of the best tarantula forum with some competent members on board


Beautiful site of Ian and Marie Metсalfe dedicated to Brachypelma tarantulas


Russian virtual Club of tarantula enthusiasts


Personal site of Dmitry Belkin in russian


Site of enthusiasts from Saint-Petersburg dedicating to insects and arachnids


Very-very nice site of Ruben Olsen in danish language


Beautiful site of CHID from Britain


Site of Stefan "Phalagorn" Bergshtrom from Sweden. The best about the Poecilotheria in WWW


The site of Czech arachnologist Radan Kaderka


 Very useful site of Michael Negrini (France)


Site of Alan Mommerency


Site of Richard Degville


Very nice site of Martin Stone (Britain)


The great Graem Wrights` site (Britain)


Kelly Swift Inverts – reputable dealer of tarantulas, scorpions and insects


Sjef van Overdijk (Netherlands)


Site of professional arachnologiest and photographer Martin Huber from Germany


One of my lovest site of Leon Lane. Anything You want to know about asian t's in english (Britain)


 Site of Adam Walters (U.K.)


Also one of the best site of very experienced britain arachnologist Guy Tansley


Site of canadian arachnologiest and specialist Rick West


  Another site of Canadians - Martin Gamache and Amanda Gollaway


Personal site of another long-time arachnologist Lelle Petersson (Sweden)


 Very nice regularly updated Mikkel Nielsen's and Kasper Jacobsen's site


Site of Donetsky Minizoo (Ukrane) (V. Kugir, Yu. Chernodub)


Very nice site of Czech arachnoculturist Ota Zimmermann


 Site of Radek Peliński (yet in Polish)


 Site dedicated to the tarantulas of the genus Ephebopus (in English and German)


Site of Todd Gearheart


Dr. Platnick`s systematic catalog of Theraphosidae






Site of one of the biggest american tarantula seller



Site Jeny Peck (USA/Britain)


Site of Ondrej Rehak (Czech)


Site of englishman Anthony Bowles


Site of Dan "The Hatchery" (Britain)


Tarantulas. Site dedicated to tarantulas


Sjef`s site (Holland)


Site of dr. R. Hays Cummings, Miamy University (USA)


Site of belgian Tim Beilemans


Site of Frederic Ampe (Holland)


Site of Marcel from Holland


Site of dutchman Sebastian Lit from Rotterdam


Nice by not to date Tom Schumm


Powerful site of Sven Linkelns from Luxembourg (be careful with tarantula names here...)


Site of Brent E. Hendrixson


Site of swissman Patrick Locher


 Rolf's site with beautiful pics from Peter Klaas' book


Site of Michael Negrini


Site C.I.T.E.S


Site of english enthusiast Steve "Spyda"


Site of Jon Fouskaris – tarantulas, scorpions and insects (USA)


Site of Thomas Merklin (Switzerland)


 "Spidercity" - site of Astrid Hilbert (Germany)


Site of Harald Hutlveker (Germany)


Site of zootrade company "Redwine Exotics" concerning tarantulas


Site of Stefen Keelling


Site of tarantula trader Charls D. Black (США)


Site of David Melendorff, an Aphonopelma specialist from Austin (USA)


Tarantulas of the World. Site of H.-J. Peters (Germany)


 "Tarantula Planet" - a lot of photographs of H.Bals


Largest canadian zootrade dealer Rob Konrad


Site of research project of separate groups of Araneoid spiders


Perfect professional site of scientists-arachnologiest from Uruguay


Site of Aussie specialist of local arachnofauna Steven Nunn


Site of Peter Yawata-Mirukashi (Japan)


Site of А. River, dedicated to tarantulas and scorpions


Brendan`s "ShamrockTarantulas"


Site of Patrick Bull from USA


Site of Dan with a lot of outdated info about tarantulas


Site of Arachnopets Inc.


Site "Spider Pharm" (USA) with information about tarantula toxins


  Abandoned site of Scott with tarantula diaries


Dr. Robert Raven`s project "Australian spiders" (Australia, Queensland Museum)


Site of Tracy from Britain


Site of Craig Show (Britain)


 Nice site of UK-hobbiest Carl


Small, but very pleasing site of Tracey Chard (USA)


French site not only about tarantulas


Site of Wane Kettlwell


Site of Mike «Troll» Dime (USA)


Site of Dirk Eckardt (Germany)




Site by Rafael Rodriguez and Ruben Leon


Site of Lim Kelvin (Singapore)


Site of american zootrade company "Glades Herp Inc."


Site of Michael Godusheit


Leon from France site


Site of Julien Rombaldoni (Switzerland)


Site of Andrew and Marc Frenges


Nice informative site of Martin Overton


Site of David Hukin


Journal of American Arachnology online (JoA)


Site of Robert Bodro (Canada)


German site "Tarantula Planet"


  Site of Michael Kohler


  Site of german enthusiasts


  Site of Dietmar Baumgarte


  Site of Daniel Shindler dedicated to asian tarantulas


Another site of Daniel Shindler


  Site of tarantula dealer Eugene Kombowsky


  Another site of Eugene Kombowsky


  Site of spanish enthusiasts


  Site of Ron Mensel


Site of Volker V. dedicated to Grammostola rosea


  Site of Mark Elder


Site of Marcel Shubert


Site of german enthusiast Martin Hess


Aleksander Helminger site


Site of Andrea Merkl about reptiles and tarantulas (German)


Marcel`s site (Germany)


Peter`s site


Site of Hagen von Tronje from Marghburg (Germany)


Sebastian` german site


Site of Peter Grabovitz (Germany) dedicated to insects and tarantulas


  Site of french arboreal tarantulas enthusiasts


Site Mathieu Lejeune (France)


Lucas Pitsch` site (Czech)


Site of Michael Jacoby


Ben`s site (Britain)


Site of Matthias Vende (Germany)


Site of dealer Dean Pittman "TarantulaStop" (USA)


Site of G. Hill (Australia)


Site of croatian enthusiast Matija Mesic


Online-shop of exotic reptiles and arthropodes (USA)


Hyngarian tarantula related site


Site of Michael Carlsson


Site of Mike Dembinsky


Highly informative and pleasing site about australian spiders


Site of Mr. M. Pennel


Kentucky tarantulas


Scott`s site


Site of Jake "Rock" Hojnacki


Site of Joshua of Pennsylvania


Alan's tarantulas (Belgian)


  "Italian Arachnological Association"


 Chile tarantulas (trade)


  Site of Damien Kunegel (France)


 Site of Michael Scheller


  Joy Pate's site not only about tarantulas


  Very nice site of hungarian Marcel


  Mickael Essig's site in french (Франция)


  The britainian Brian Jenkins' site


  Site of Tobias Wagner and Thomas Steer




 Project by Michael Jacoby (USA)


  Ireland site of Lesley Ann O'Toole


  Site of Jurgen Hjuz Hauzmayer


  Sven Heidrich's german site


  Waldemar Schuchart's site


  Site WNY_Tarantulas


 Austrian site by Reinhold Treier and Frank Dziamski


  Poland site, dedicated to tarantulas


  German site, dedicated to asian tarantulas


  Site of German arachnodealer Herwig Kahlenberg




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