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Distribution of tarantulas of fauna of the World

The main distribution of tarantulas - tropical areas of South America, Africa and Asia, where concentrated maximum variety of species. Also they inhabits the arid and sub-arid areas of Africa and Central America.

And, finally, at all small quantity of species lives in Australia and South Europe.

The greater amount of species inhabits the American continent - all genus of subfamily Theraphosinae, arboreal Aviculariinae, as well as Acanthopelminae and united in separate group 4 genus of Ischnocolinae, in principal differing from OLD WORLD Ischnocolinae.

Africa is a place of inhabiting for all species of subfamilies Eumenophorinae, Stromatopelminae, Harpactirinae. Also here dwell the representatives of two subfamilies Ischnocolinae and Selenogyrinae.

Asia also counts three endemic subfamilies (Ornithoctoninae, Poecilotheriinae, Thrigmopoeinae).

In spite of the fact that zone of distribution of all Selenocosmiinae is limited by Southeast Asia, one genus from this subfamily presented in NEW WORLD (Psalmopoeus). The representatives of subfamilies Ischnocolinae and Selenogyrinae also inhabit the Asiatic region.

In Australia are presented only the single subfamily Selenocosmiinae. The Europe also has extremely become poor fauna of tarantulas: in the South widespread only 4 species of genus Ischnocolus (subfamily Ischnocolinae).