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Decorating of terrarium is reasonable only in case if it is expected as element of embellishment of home interior and is unnecessary for tarantulas.Example of terrarium decoration    Terrariums can be decorating with bark, plants trunks, artificial plants, alive moss, etc. All decoration elements must be are safely bolted in terrarium and placed such as not to be serves as a retreat for food objects. Under their fastening it is necessary to remember about inadmissibility of use gluing compositions containing toxic materials (applicable only specialized glue for aquariums).

Follows to say about using in terrariums with tarantulas of alive plants.

As It`s known, absolute majority of plants require bright illumination that is not acceptable for most tarantulas. Besides, considering active digging activity of many terrestrial species in terrarium useing in terrariums with tarantulas of alive plants not practical, so their using is possible mostly in terrariums with arboreal species, but according to the difference of necessary conditions for plants and tarantulas also inadvisable. It is better to use artificial plants Instead of them.

In any case it is not allowed to use as decorative elements an objects and materials having sharp edges, which can damage a tarantula.