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Genus Citharognathus Pocock, 1895

Till 2002 was considered as monotypical genus presented with the single endemic island species.
However in 2002 a group of chinese arachnologist has described the "new species", status which causes much questions, since they were not examine the type material of Citharognathus.

Type species - Citharognathus hosei Pocock, 1895.

Describtion: carapace, abdomen and limbs covered with yellowish-grey setae.

Abdomen and posterior legs finely spotted with black spinules, the former with an obscure, median, fuscous, longitudinal stripe and transverse fuscous stripes parting from it: legs apically redder, the long setae on legs and abdomen yellowish-red.

Apices of femora, patella, tibia and protarsi whitish; lower side chocolate-brown.

Carapace low, head region little elevated, much longer than wide. Fovea straight, conspicuous. Eyes large, the anterior row procurved.

Chelicerae furnished below with a series of 14 teeth bounding the internal edge of the inferior area.

Abdomen large, closely covered above with short back-wardly directed spinules.

Measurements: carapace length 17.5 mm, width – 14 mm; abdomen length 26 mm, width – 16 mm; length of palp 29 mm, leg I – 48.5 mm, II – 44 mm, III – 41 mm, IV – 53 mm; posterior spinner – 9 mm.




Common name




Keeping conditions

Pocock, 1895


Calimantan (Sarawak, Baram)


A very little known about its biology.
Not found since the date of description

Not kept in captivity

Zhu, Li & Song, 2002




In the opinion of most arachnologist causes the validity of this species taxon (Volker von Wirth, pers. com.)

Not kept in captivity