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Genus Reversopelma Schmidt, 2001

Genus status. Monotypical genus, represented by the single species - Reversopelma petersi Schmidt, 2001.

Type species - Reversopelma petersi Schmidt, 2001.

First described in 2001 by the german arachnologist Gunter Schmidt, which has named it in honour of his compatriot Hans-Josef Peters. For the first time has appeared in tarantula hobby in Germany in 1999 in consignment of tarantulas, imported from Peru.

It was originally supposed, that it's relating to the genus Megaphobema , but by detailed examining the morphological features which are not belonging to one of earlier existing species of tarantulas were revealed.

Differs from other subfamilies of family Theraphosinae by the presence of the following taxonomical features:

labium with a long hairs, on its anterior edge with cuspules; tarsus of leg IV divided by bandage of setae; on lateral surface of femur of leg IV there is a small pad of featherlike hairs; urticating hairs of female of modified type I (figure 1) have barbs which twice change its direction, urticating hairs of male of type III. Male palpal bulbs have the same form, as at representatives of a genus Lasiodorides Schmidt & Bischoff, 1997; spermatecae of the female divided (figure 2).

Conducting the burrowing way of life. In nature inhabiting forested areas (selva) in a valley of the river Rio Pastaza, extending the mountains up to 150-200 meters above sea level.

The nervous tarantula, on the behaviour and habits reminds spiders of genus Megaphoboema and Pamphobeteus.

Keeping conditions.  Must be kept at high humidity and average temperatures 23-25Аб. Granting the big layer of a substratum which should be supported in a moisture condition, and also a water bowl for a drink is necessary. Installation of ground retreats is recommended, which these small spiders willingly use.

Distribution: known from Peru and adjacent territories of Ecuador.


Common name




Keeping conditions

petersi Schmidt, 2001

Peruvian reddish tarantula

Peru, Ecuador


Photo John Hoke © 2001


Photo Ray Gabriel © 2004

   Medium-sized tarantula: males reaches 3 сm in body length, females is only a little bit larger - up to 4 сm.
   The body is covered with dense hairs, externally creating a visibility of velvetiness of a spider

   About the keeping conditions - see above


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  figure 1

Structure of modified urticating hair of female of Reversopelma   petersi
  figure 2
Spermathecae of Reversopelma petersi

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