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All tarantulas dwell in different sort of burrows and covertures, retreats and lead mainly twilight-night lifestyle, showing activity as a rule during the periods lack of illumination.

So there is no need to equipt a terrarium for tarantula with additional illumination.

If You decide to decorate a terrarium with tarantula alive plants and equipping of the special illumination is necessary for this purpose a small luminescent bulbs can be installing overhand a terrarium. In no event use to this effect lamps heating bulbs is restricted since they dry a terrarium air hereunder, abetting sharp fall of terrarium humidity and also can cause Your tarantula a burn.

Some amateurs equip terrariums with tarantulas with red light lamps, that allows to observe the active life of a spiders at night time not to disturbing them, since its considered that tarantulas do not perceiving the red spectrum of light.