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In nature an organism of tarantula is protected from drying by its exoskeleton and retreat, also it has possibility to choose itself varied places for coverture.

In captivity man deprives its such possibility and is obliged artificially to provide a tarantula necessary level of humidity by itself.

As was it already spoken, substratum used for tarantula terrarium, plays essential role in maintenance of necessary level of humidity/moisture and so even for species, which needs dry conditions of keeping, representatives of group 4 must be is mildly moistenned.

Stated water bowl for drinks also is a factor of maintenance of humidity at the expense of evaporations of water. For th representatives of group 1 and group 3 is recommended a regular spraying of terrarium with a tarantula.

Average moisture/humidity conditions of keeping tarantulas inheres within 50 to 80%. For representatives of arid african habitits is allowed reduction of humid level before 40%, but such species as Theraphosa blondi and some others require increased humidity - till 90%.

Also follows to take into account the fact that for newborn spiderlings and juvenils is enough to give a thick layer of humid substratum, but for average sized and large specimens of tarantulas a presence of the bowl with water for drinks is obligatory.

It is necessary always to remember that increased moisture/humidity under bad ventilation promotes sluggishness of air and creates the propitious conditions for development of different kind of funguses, as well as mites and other parasitic organisms in terrarium!