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Transfering and handling tarantulas.


The problem connected with transfering and handling tarantulas are constantly discussed amongst specialists and amateurs all over the hobby in the World.

Such possibility at all looks enough attractive and wholly realizable with many slow terrestrial species, not showing aggression to its master (most representatives of genus Brachypelma, for instance). Adult male of Nhandu coloratovillosus handled by author    Besides, author and its colleagues is constantly realized such procedure during transfering tarantulas from terrarium to terrarium, determination of sex or when undertaking of other manipulates with them if needed. This is because many, even nervious and aggressive, potentially dangerous spiders such as Theraphosa blondi, Citharischius crawshayi may be within time accustommed to this procedure since small age. However does not stand to experiment in respect of majorities of arboreal species, since they quick and movable and also tarantulas of group 4 (except Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) and majority of representatives of group 3. From american, in general considering more calm tarantulas, stand out two species handling which is not recommended because of their denominated aggressiveness – Phormictopus cancerides and Aphonopelma moderatum.

In any event, previously than take spider on hands make sure that it is in peacefully mood. If spider utter loud sounds, is excited or get up in defence pose, leave your ploy for more favourable case!

There`re two main negative moments connected with transfering and handling tarantulas existed. On the one hand, this is connected with possible unpleasant effect for human health as a result of shaking urticating hairs by tarantula from abdomen, as well as bite.

On the other hand, it is also connected with possible disadvantage consequences for spiders themselves.

The main danger is concluded in that tarantula being sitting on hand, when any motions suddenly appears, caused by stressful situation (taking itself its on hands, unexpected noise, sharp motion, flash of light etc.), can come off and fall down. If tarantula falls from height it can cause breakup of soften tarantula body tissues, particularly of abdomen, that can rezults in death of spider in absolute majority of cases.

Be very careful and attentive when handling a tarantula!

Try not to do sharp motion, not to blow on tarantula, speak on lowereded tones, not to cause him pains and not to produce any other actions, which can cause a tarantula reaction of alert.

Safe transformation of a tarantula can be produced with use of a box of approaching size. For this purpose such box is contributed in terrarium with spider and is led to its front part. When carefully nudged its with a tweezers, wooden stick or other suitable for this subject right in transformation box, whereupon it is carried in other prepared for it terrarium and carefully slopping a box fits a tarantula inside.

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