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Genus Guyruita Guadanucci et al., 2007

Based on: José P.L. Guadanucci, Sylvia M. Lucas, Rafael P. Indicatti & Flávio U. Yamamoto (2007) Description of Guyruita gen. nov nov. and two new species (Ischnocolinae, Theraphosidae). Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 24 (4): 991–996; 
and Guadanucci, J. P. L. & Weinmann, D. (2014). The spider genera Euthycaelus Simon and Schismatothele Karsch (Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae). Zootaxa 3795(3): 275-288; and Guadanucci, J. P. L. (2014). Theraphosidae phylogeny: relationships of the ‘Ischnocolinae’ genera (Araneae, Mygalomorphae).Zoologica Scripta 43(5): 508-518; with modification of the author (M.F.B.)
The genus Guyruita and its two species from Brazil was created and described in 2007.
Guyruita gen. nov. differs from the remaining Schismatothelinae and also all closely related Ischnocolinae by the following characters: labium densely occupied by a lot of cuspules (more than 100), intercheliceral intumescence absent, posterior sternal sigilla remote from margin, tarsal claws without teeth, tarsal scopula I-II undivided (tarsus II with a line of sparse setae, which does not divide the scopula), III-IV divided.
At present the genus comprises of three species:

Guyruita atlantica Guadanucci et al., 2007 — Brazil

Guyruita cerrado Guadanucci et al., 2007 — Brazil

Guyruita waikoshiemi (Bertani & Araújo, 2006) - Venezuela - was transfered to the genus from Holothele Karsch, 1879 (Theraphosidae, Ischnocolinae)  where it was established by Bertani and Araujo in 2006.

The genus Guyruita is included in recently created in 2014 by Jose P. Liete Guadanucci new subfamily Schismatothelinae together with four other genera namely Euthycaelus Neoholothele Schismatothele and Sickius formerly belong to either Theraphosinae and Ischnocolinae.