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Depending on position of the author this genus sometimes treated as belonging to Aviculariinae. But later  genus Psalmopoeus together with Tapinauchenius was split into separate subfamily PSALMOPOEINAE SAMM & SCHMIDT, 2010 on the basis of the following characters: urticating hairs are absent, male palpal bulb with long embolus without keels, presence of two tibial apophyses distally on the leg I, lyriform stridulatory organ present (Psalmopoeus) or absent (Tapinauchenius), legs weakly spined or aspinose, tarsi as broad as or broader than metatarsi. 

Hovewer, the papers were weak and had many mistakes as well as papers theire based on (Schmidt G. & Rudloff J.-P. (2003) и Samm R. & Schmidt G. (2008)​, and finally these changes did not accepted.