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Temperature. Many tarantulas will not breed at flat temperature. It is necessary to provide warm-up mode within 27-30Аб by additional heating of the terrarium (with the exclusion of heating with bulb-lamps). Herewith the ideal would be the mode, wich establishing a difference in values of temperature beside opposite sides of terrarium on several degrees.


Humidity also must be supported on higher level then usual keeping conditions. Herewith necessary to support strictly its level, basing on information from nature, with account of seasoning and other factors, influencing upon life cycle of concrete species of tarantula. At this time is necessary to keep a check on level of ventilations in terrarium and not allow to appear mites or flies.


Feeding. One more difference of tarantula keeping conditions at breeding period is concluded in mode of their feeding, which must be installed beforehand, for several months. In this time necessary to provide as possible more varied, ample and nutritious meal. Stern insects and mammals is recommended to feed with mineral and vitamin additives, as well as possible (note: this is questionable) to strew them with vitamin-calcium powdered compositions. For this purpose the feeding object fits in small closed box with mineral and vitamin powder and then box joggled. Afterwards such insect, powdered with small vitamin-calcium parts, is offerred to tarantula.