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There`re two main methodology of breeding tarantulas in captivity, given by biology of tarantula species, the conditions of their keeping and other factors. The way of mating and their breeding may be chosen depending on that factors.

А. First method consists in that the female`s terrarium is equiped with a big layer of soil to give her the possibility to dig a burrow (or is equiped with artificial retreat). In this terrarium occurs mating (male is introduced to female). Here`re goes an egg laying and eggsac construction process, incubation of eggsac by female in burrow (retreat) and also born of spiderlings.

Inconveniences of this method are concluded in actual absence of checking on all stages of process of development and born of young spiders, as well as probability of infecting the cocoon by mites and eating its by female are exists. On the other hand – this be a single way for breeding purely burrowing species (Hysterocrates spp. , for instance) and so called «problematic» species (Megaphobema spp., Pamphobeteus spp. etc.) of tarantulas, since the mating occurs in conditions approximate to as occurs in nature.

B. Under other method of tarantulas breeding no coverture and also a possibility to dig a burrow are given. Cocoon is withdrewed from females and incubating artificially. This gives that cocoon can not be eaten by femaleи and because of making the sterile conditions of incubation is expelled the infection of it with any vermins. But such method does not allows to breed «problematic» species and does not enable to observe process of maternal care of female tarantula.

From the beginning You must be decide how You will chose to incubate eggsac – by artificial way or having let to care female about it.

Under any way of mating You chosen there is necessary to provide the ample box for male could freely escapes from persecution of female and not was eaten or damaged.

In any case it is necessary to enclose a maximum of efforts to save a male to have a possibility to breed it again with the same or other female!

Used in breeding enclosure substratum must be corresponds to maximum hygiene demands. Such terrarium is not decorated. Its must be kept in constant purity.

Terrarium must be situated in place, where expelled possibility of enxiety. Any interference can be realized only in case of emergency.