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Theraphosids of the World. Spiders Family Theraphosidae Thorell (actual on July, 2016)


    According to modern systematic (Natural History Museum Bern, 2016 & N. Yu. Kluge. Modern systematic of Insects. Part I. St-Petersburg "Lan`", 2000) the Family Theraphosidae falls into Order Aranea (or Araneus) and comprises itself 133 Genera, united in 11-15 Subfamilies [many authors consider Poecilotheriinae being not a valid subfamily taxon and thus belonging to Selenocosmiinae; two other subfamilies proposed in 2008-2010 by G. Schmidt - Psalmopoeinae (formerly Sinurticantinae) and Harpactirellinae, which are not listed here; some authors also considering genus Tapinauchenius belongs to Selenocosmiinae follow G. Schmidt) and recently a new subfamily Schismatothelinae proposed by Guadanucci J.P. (2014) - see notes below], include 970 spider species.


Subfamily Acanthopelminae (Smith, 1994)*


Subfamily Aviculariinae (Simon, 1874)

Avicularia Ephebopus Iridopelma Pachistopelma Psalmopoeus** Tapinauchenius** Typhochlaena

Subfamily Eumenophorinae (Pocock, 1897)

Annandaliella  Anoploscelus Batesiella Encyocrates Eumenophorus Heterophrictus Hysterocrates Loxomphalia Loxoptygus Mascaraneus Monocentropus Myostola Neoheterophrictus Pelinobius Phoneyusa Plesiophrictus Sahydroaraneus

Subfamily Harpactirinae (Pocock, 1897)

Augacephalus Bacillochilus Brachionopus  Ceratogyrus Eucratoscelus Harpactira Harpactirella Idiothele Pterinochilus Trichognathella

Subfamily Ischnocolinae (Simon, 1892)

Catumiri Chaetopelma Dolichothele Hemiercus Heterophrictus Heterothele Holothele Ischnocolus Neoheterophrictus Oligoxystre Plesiophrictus

Subfamily Ornithoctoninae (Pocock, 1895)

Citharognathus Cyriopagopus Haplopelma*** Lampropelma Omothymus Ornithoctonus Phormingochilus

Subfamily Poecilotheriinae (Simon, 1892)****


Subfamily Schismatothelinae Guadanucci, 2014

Euthycaelus Guyruita Neoholothele Schismatothele Sickius

Subfamily Selenocosmiinae (Simon, 1889)

   This subfamily is devided into 4  ( in case of Poecilotheriinae treated as separate subfamily taxon - theree ) thribes: Chilobrachini (1), Phlogiellini (2), Poecilotheriini (with single genus -  Poecilotheria) and Selenocosmiini.

Chilobrachys (1) Coremiocnemis Haplocosmia (1) Lyrognathus Orphnaecus (2) Phlogiellus (2) Psalmopoeus*  Psednocnemis Selenocosmia Selenotholus  Selenotypus

Subfamily Selenogyrinae (Smith, 1990)

Euphrictus Selenogyrus

Subfamily Stromatopelminae (Schmidt, 1993)

Encyocratella Heteroscodra Stromatopelma

Subfamily Theraphosinae (Thorell, 1870)

Acanthoscurria Aenigmarachne Agnostopelma Ami Aphonopelma Bistriopelma Bonnetina Brachypelma Bumba Cardiopelma Catanduba Chromatopelma Citharacanthus Clavopelma Cotztetlana Crassicrus Cubanana Cyclosternum Cyriocosmus Cytropholis Davus***** Euathlus Eupalaestrus Grammostola Hapalopus Hapalotremus Hemirrhagus Homoeomma Kochiana Kankuamo Lasiodora Lasiodorides Longilyra Magulla Megaphobema Melloleitaoina Metriopelma Munduruku Mygalarachne Neostenotarsus Nesipelma Nhandu Ozopactus Pamphobeteus Phormictopus Phrixotrichus Plesiopelma Proshapalopus Pseudhapalopus Pterinopelma Reversopelma Schizopelma Sericopelma Sphaerobothria Stichoplastoris Theraphosa Thrixopelma Tmesiphantes Vitalius Xenesthis

Subfamily Thrigmopoeinae (Pocock, 1900)

Haploclastus  Phlogiodes  Thrigmopoeus  


   * At present most researchers consider this subfamily name is invalid and to include genus Acanthopelma into subfamily Ischnocolinae.

   **  According to not accepted by most researchers conception two genera - Psalmopoeus and Tapinauchenius was split into separate subfamily PSALMOPOEINAE SAMM & SCHMIDT, 2010. Hovewer, the papers were weak and had many mistakes as well as papers their're based on (Schmidt G. & Rudloff J.-P. (2003) и Samm R. & Schmidt G. (2008)​, and finally these changes did not accepted. 

   *** According to recent changes in 2015 the genus was considered a junior synonymy (Smith, A.M. & M.A. Jacobi, 2015), but it is still not fully accepted and officially WSC consider generic name Haplopelma as valid (See: World spider catalog).

   **** At presernt most researchers consider genus Poecilotheria into Selenocosmiinae subfamily as a thribe and not as a monotypical separate subfamily Poecilotheriinae.

   ***** In 2014  (was also proposed before by Schmidt, G. in 2005, but not accepted) it was finally removed from synonymy of genus Cyclosternum (Estrada-Alvarez, 2014) and consider as valid genus. For now it is include tree species:  Davus fasciatus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1892, Davus mozinno Estrada-Alvarez, 2014 and Davus pentaloris (Simon, 1888).